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Homestuck Anime Next Episode Preview

So there was a running thing on tumblr when the webcomic Homestuck went on hiatus with people posting fabricated screenshots of the fake Homestuck anime. This is my attempt at adding to that.

(I don’t know why I can’t embed this properly, so just watch it on YouTube’s actual site I guess.)

Voice Acting Test – Karkat Vantas from Homestuck

Aside from being a game journalist, a voice actor is my other dream career. I’ve decided to start recording little voice acting clips and upload them to YouTube and build a portfolio of sorts. I decided to do a reading from the webcoming Homestuck as the character Karkat Vantas (the guy in the front of the picture with the Cancer shirt). I didn’t get him as young sounding as I’d like, but it’s my first try. I’ll get better.


Since we’ve been so busy with the apartment, I haven’t had time to go get my hair cut so I have a wicked meta-mullet going on. I also haven’t shaved in four days. I said on the PK Bloggin’! Facebook page that I looked like a younger, less svelte Solid Snake, and proof was demanded. I am a man of the people, so here’s my proof.

I still have the necktie on my head.

Anyway, I have a YouTube channel now, and I’m sure I’ll make more stupid videos at some point.