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As you know, Christina and I love collectible figures (and if you don’t, just come visit sometime and you’ll learn FAST). Christina’s a bit of a¬†connoisseur¬†as far as Japanese figures go and the Figma line by Max Factory is pretty well regarded. When we saw that they were making a Figma version of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword we were all over that like green spandex on Tingle. He arrived last night and we had some fun taking pictures. Enjoy, and don’t forget to check for hilarious alt text (and if you’re like, a mom or someone who doesn’t know what alt text is, just hover your mouse over a picture to see the caption)!


  1. Yonathin

    So much want! Luckily, I have money.

  2. Link and Layton together is hilarious. The crossover possibilities… Layton in Smash Bros. U, anyone?

  3. NImH

    Both the Link and Layton figures are making me covet!!! Well done Joe. The captions are the guts.

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