KINECTaku Review – Yoostar on MTV

Warning: this game contains Jersey Shore

Yoostar on MTV isn’t a video game so much as it’s a toy that relies on the Kinect technology. Sure, there’s a score element, but that will never be the reason you play. The very definition of a party game, Yoostar on MTV will be a game that you bring out when you have lots of people over and the alcohol flows like Snoop Dogg’s paying the bill.

The appeal of Yoostar on MTV is to film yourself acting out roles in music videos or some of MTV’s iconic television shows like Viva La Bam and Real World/Road Rules Challenge (oh yeah, Jersey Shore is in there too). You watch a short clip, select which role you’d like to play, then Kinect splices you into the footage as you perform. Afterwards you can watch the finished product and, if desired, upload the video to Yoostar’s database or share via Facebook or Twitter.

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